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The present financial and economic systems

Let us assume that there is a wealth tax that has to be paid from those who have no assets, and given to those who possess wealth. Crazy? We have been living with it! We call it money system. (Originally posted by Albrecht)

The present money system, the interest debt money system, has been created by the rich for the benefit of the rich only.
They don't care about the people they just care how they can exploit us as much as possible!
The real situation is even worse: If money is just created as debt it has the effect of the monopoly game, at the end a small group owns everything!

But this money system is bad for all:
When do we understand that 8 out of 10 people in their lives are paying more and more interest (through consumption, paying taxes and own debt) than they are ever able to earn. One out of ten goes out of this game +/- zero and only one or one out of ten belongs to the interest winners.
Since we are trying to compensate for this error in the money system with economic growth (a mad track) we are now destroying our environment. This makes the interest-taker also a loser, because what are exorbitant interest rates when we destroy our planet, among other things as an interest-induced consequence.
And there is a system collapse every 50 to 80 years by hyperinflation (the lower the interest rates the longer it takes).

The interest debt-money system is the biggest fraud in history of mankind.
It is an illegal ponzi scheme and snowball system (all the time further debt needs to be created that the system can continue) for the benefit of a few elite super-rich on the cost of all other people.

If we want to stop this now we must stop to use this debt money system, less and less and at the end not anymore.

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