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NWO - New World Order

Several politicians have already mentioned the implementation of a new world order.
They are influenced by the lobby of the elite super-rich.
The ultimate goal of this small group: To bring all habitable parts of the world under its control.

It is already an ongoing process and means the privatization of everything worldwide.
All the power to the international corporations, the tools and money machines of the elite super-rich.

Everything means:
Public transport, post, telecommunication and any other state-owned enterprizes.
At the end it includes the privatization of:
Water infrastructure, roads, electric power, hospitals and health centers, schools;

But privatization may not be bad:
Local or regional non-profit cooperatives may work financially more efficient then governmental enterprises.
The bad thing is: privatization to for-profit corporations
Infrastructure of public interest MUST NOT be in the hands of for-profit corporations!

And these elite super-rich have no limit:
Countries are lured into debts they never can escape and then they are conquered.
As shown in several countries: Home owners are not wanted, the people shall pay rent. The governments are forced to implement taxes on home owners. They are taxed until they are forced to sell their homes to pay the tax bill.
And they want to own all the companies: Crises are caused that the shares fall and their corporations can buy cheap, governments are lured into privatisation sales at far under value.

What the New World Order at the end means:
- 99.9% of the population will be completely broke and indebted.
- They will be locked out of basic infrastructure: transport, water lines, power supply, hospitals and health centers, schools!
- Social systems will not exist anymore, indebted bankrupt governments cannot affort them anymore.
- The working poor will hardly survive with their income.
- The mass of unemployed, will be as many as 80% of the population at all countries, will have the choice: to die or to become criminals for survival! A life of fear for the rest.
- People with money can use the private health systems, people without money have to die.
- Children of people with money can go to school, children of people without money will be locked out of education.

Do we want to live in such a world?
This will be a major set-back for all social and poverty-elimination efforts.

There is a war going on: These elite super-rich against us, the people!
But they just can win if the people continue to act like sheep on the way to the slaughterhouse.

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