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Monopolistic capitalism

Gold standard
Under the gold standard, all banknotes and paper money could be exchanged for gold on demand.
In order to create an ever-growing amount of money and debt out of nothing, the limitation by gold had to be eliminated.
There are therefore no fixed limits on how much credit the banking system assigns.
With the abolition of the gold standard, financial capitalism is now also a monopolistic capitalism.

Monopolistic capitalism
If monopoly capitalism is omnipotent because it finances itself, can manipulate the commodity price on its market and use its inflationary monopolistic profits to exert monetary influence, there are hardly any words to describe the power of financial capitalism.
Financial capitalism can not only finance itself simply by drawing money from nothing and giving it to others for interest.
Financial capitalism can not only manipulate commodity prices in a given market. Real estate, food, energy, stocks, bonds, education ... all that has a price is to be influenced by those manipulating the amount and the flow of money.
Financial capitalism not only benefits the impact of monopolistic gains but also enjoys the effects of having monopolized money creation.
In other words: If a monopolist capitalist has brought together his first billion, then only because others have created this billion by credit in the banking system.
In a system that is 100% based on debt, the banking network has immeasurably great power. It can now generate, destroy, and control as much money as is right.

Accordingly, a debt-based system ensures that nations are always in the debt trap.
When a nation and its citizens try to reduce their debts, they also reduce the money of their nation, resulting in an economic downturn.
If all debts were canceled, the money would shrink to nearly 0, which would lead to financial chaos.
This means that without a permission for alternative money that is not based on debt, a nation can not free itself from the debt trap.

With all these monetary instruments at its disposal, the financial network has steadily and systematically consolidated its power over world politics which affects the lives of billions.
Without being elected, its members are out of reach of the voters.
Without being held accountable, its members violate national and international laws with impunity.
If we intend to push them out of this position, obviously we can not stick to the rules of the system they created.
We must be prepared to think and act in an unauthorized way and this begins with the cap of the root of their power, with the money.
In short, they use our own purchasing power against us.
The money we invest in their institutions, the money whose confiscation we allow and the money we make available to the network - all these sources of income give them billions a year to use them at will.
As long as we do not discourage these financial inflows, we only waste our time.
Those who create and control the debt / lending money can manipulate the system and extract assets from all those who use their currency.

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