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The present interest money system For the benefit of the super-rich only!
- 1300 individual billionaires have hoarded 94% of the planet's resources, the other 7 billion people are fighting over 6% of Earth's wealth.
- The money moves from the people to the rich until collapse by hyperinflation (ponzi scheme, snow ball system).
- Included in the prices 30% to 40% is forwarded to the rich as interest payments.
- A high income differential causing the working poor, missing infrastructure and no financial support cause extreme poverty.
- It forces economic growth and profit at all costs - exploiding all natural resources, polluting and poisoning of the earth;
- A dangerous world: people in extreme poverty need to be criminals to survive!

Interest money system explained

Already the ancient roman empire has been destroyed by their debt system.
In the middle ages 90% of the people had to contribute about 30% of their income/production to the 10% richest.
250 years ago this has been made automatic by the introduction of the banknote and the interest debt money system!
And this is still the system we have now!

Debt money for interest:
Debt money is created whenever a debt is created by the banks, for the debt interest is charged.
For all money existing there is also that high amount in debt existing.
If all debt would be repaid no money would exist anymore.
But there is one problem: the interest!
The total debt repayment and interest payment demand is higher then all the money existing.
So to pay the interest payment demand further debt needs to be created.
The economy is forced to grow at all cost causing disastrous damage to environment and resources of the earth.
This economy growth cannot continue forever because the earth is limited.

How the money is issued:
The banks create money by credit and debit to bank accounts, the double-entry bookkeeping makes that possible.
The electronic money now is about 97% of all the money.
The remaining few percent are banknotes and coins issued by central banks considered as the real money.
What are the central banks:
Mostly private for-profit companies!!!
Example: Federal Reserve Corporation (USD)
A money issueing organization must not be a private for-profit company for the benefit of a few company owners!

The beneficiaries of the interest money system:
Presently the richest 10% are the beneficiaries of the system, this will narrow down to a few super-rich.
The 90% have to pay more interests (own debts, when paying for goods and services, taxes) then they can receive with savings.

Why is the interest money system so bad:
- all the prices include interest of about 30% to 40% of the price!
- the money moves from almost all to the rich until collapse.
- the debt is growing faster and faster.
- enormous power of the super-rich who finally own almost all the money and almost everything else.
- because of to much money existing the financial economy gets apart from the real economy.
- the system forces economy growth with disastrous damage to environment and resources of the earth.
- the system has to collapse by hyperinflation, in the past this happened every 50 to 80 years, the lower the interest rates the longer it takes.

Growth of debt and the wealth at an exponential rate
This means the growth is at the beginning slow, getting faster and faster, and it is very fast at the proposed end.
So the debt is growing faster and faster and so is the wealth of the super-rich.
Because of the electronic money now the figures can be very large, first time in history.

The Joseph's cent:
If Joseph would have put 1 cent (0.01) to a savings account with an interest rate of 5% p.a. at the birth of Jesus:
At the year 2011 there would be the following amount on the account:

1 Billion invested at 5% p.a. is after:
15 years: doubled
23 years: tribled
48 years: 10 times
62 years: the yearly interests exceed the Billion
95 years: 100 times
142 years: 1000 times
176 years: all the gold on earth
425 years: 1 Billion times (1,000,000,000,000,000,000)

Governmental debt
Governments shouldn't have any debt because they should have equal budgets basically.
But bad Governments create public debt completely unnecessary.
If more funds are needed they could simply take the money free from the National Central Bank, then the money volume can be reduced by inflation - the hidden tax.
But they choose a very expensive method of financing influenced by the bankers lobby to force governments into more and more debts: public bonds and loans from private banks.
Excessive money creation causes inflation so both methods are not good. But at this financing method governments even have to pay interests for nothing.
The problem: When the Government pays real interests (interest rate above the inflation rate) it accelerates the money move from almost all to the rich!
So a Government MUST NOT pay real interest!
At many Governments new debt is just needed because of interest payments, caused by the wrong way of public financing.
And a government must not repay its debt with tax income:
When the government has a surplus budget of for example 5%, and uses that money to repay debt, the 5% are taken out of the economy. At the next year there will be 5% less tax income. If the government still has a 5% surplus budget the downward cycle repeats and so on. That means repayment with tax income destroys the economy, the debt just can be devalued by inflation, cancelled or repaid with new money.

Other debt
The money move to the beneficiaries of interest payments, the rich, is also caused by the four times as high debt of economy and households.
Also high rents caused by real estate bubbles drain out the people until nothing is left anymore (rent is also mainly a form of interest).

Do we really have to drive a 4 billion-year-old eco-system within a few decades into hell just to create economic growth, just needed for paying off debts? For money that was generated by the banks out of nowhere? Products that early break down, so that more growth can be created, more can be consumed and more debt can be created?

The interest debt-money system is an illegal ponzi scheme and snowball system (all the time further debt needs to be created that the system can continue) for the benefit of a few elite super-rich on the cost of all other people.
The interest debt-money system is the biggest fraud in history.

Solution: an alternative interest-free money system which is also a debt-free system mainly.

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