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Capitalism is an economic system in which the majority of economic activity and working is aligned on profit.
It is not produced for human needs, but only for a solvent demand (a loaf of bread is not baked because there is hunger, but to sell it.).
Because in capitalism the means of production (such as factories, land, or the access to raw materials) are in private ownership a large part of the population may not decide what and how is produced. Because these people usually have nothing further, they are forced to sell their labour power to live. They depend completely on the salary - and as such on the labour market.
In capitalism all people are in competition to each other - for jobs, money, school grades etc. Euphemistically this is called competition even though it involves no less than the own life.
Companies are in permanent and immediate competition. For this reason they must generate more profit then the competitors to prevent to go broke. If they do not the competitors can press them from the market soon with the additional profit. Therefore there are - whenever possible - wages cut, breaks removed, people dismissed or production facilities are moved.
Also this does not stop at environmental destruction if it promises profits or stimulate the economy.
Because it is produced only for those who can afford things, moral appeals to the economy are for nothing (for example to offer medicines cheaper or free of charge to developing countries). The competition would sweep every morally acting company from the square. The laws of competition and the maximization of profit must be followed that the company does not go broke.
That is why the destruction of man and nature is not based on particularly inhumane decisions, but is based on the basic laws of capitalism.
This constant chase for profits develops huge, destructive forces - and is subjecting the people to an elbow society where performance and consumption determine the every day life. As a consequence, selfishness and social coldness often dominate our society. People are only interesting as consumers and as "human capital", as stated cynically in the economy.

The solutions:
- a regulated limited capitalism where environment, health and public welfare are first before profit.
- a legal minimum hourly wage (at best the same worldwide);
- a basic income for all that everybody is able to buy the things needed for life (= elimination of poverty);
- basic infrastructure needed for life must not be privatised, shall be owned by local governments or public welfare companies.
- provision of financial resources for a free basic health care system and education system.
- provision of financial resources that everybody is able to own a home.

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