Free unconditional basic income for all worldwide
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A free basic income to all persons worldwide has the following benefits:
- Elimination of poverty, no more existential fears;
- Elimination of survival crimes, people aren't forced anymore to be criminals to survive, more security on the street and at home;
- Elimination of illnesses caused by poverty, they are even more disastrous when health care isn't affordable;
- Elimination of lowest wages, people aren't forced anymore to do any job for any wage;
- Elimination of population explosion, children aren't needed anymore for life insurance;
- Elimination of economic refugees, wherever you live you receive the same basic income;

That means if we want a secure world without poverty we must have a free basic income.

Who cannot pay it:
- Governments
Some governments provide low social security payments but financed by a high tax burden or debt.
If a government shall pay a basic income it has to take it from the people first by taxation or get more and more debts which never can be repaid so this will end up in hyperinflation.
That means no government can affort to pay a sufficient free basic income for the long term, it would go bankrupt!
- The present financial and economic systems
The present debt money system has been established by the rich for the benefit of the rich only.
It is not proposed to be beneficial for the people.
The interest demand forces an economic growth which will destroy our planet if we let this system continue.
We empower a financial dictatorship to work systematically on the complete enslavement of the people, no more democracy!

What do we need?
The end of the growth: Peaceful change through networking and financial participation!
We need to use alternative systems, created and established by the people for the benefit of the people!
That the present exploitative enslaving system becomes obsolete.
How? We just need to establish the situation that nobody needs new loans anymore and that all present loans can be eliminated.

Crypto-currencies - Bitcoin and others
Bitcoin and others can be issued by mining which needs a lot of real resources (power, equipment) and a self-enrichment by the founders is usual.
Unfortunately most are exchange-traded and therefore part of the capitalist system.
And many are also snowball systems: limited creation and rising demand push the prices up! But one day the bubble will burst.
And they are not connected to a taxation system, Governments may fight or forbid them.
So they are just a temporary alternative until a proper system is established and their blockchain technology is useful.

But they prove that alternative money systems established by the people are possible!

Introduction of a real alternative complementary currency system

Money is created by payment of a weekly free basic income to all persons (no debt money), the same amount worldwide!
Why is this so important: Wherever you live in the world you get the same basic income, no economic refugees anymore.
Once established it shall be sufficient to finance a basic living standard but the system has to be kept secure (Example: New creation of 5% of the money volume p.a. causes a 5% inflation rate p.a.).
The basic income currency just can be spend on the platform and later with the pay card where legally possible, it is not exchangeable to the banking system which means it is just a virtual currency.
Governments can recognize this alternative system and benefit from tax revenues at the exchangeable currency, which is then a complementary currency.
The system can last forever. It will be established by a non-profit organization for the benefit of the people.

Unfortunately there are 2 conditions that it can be established:
- You need to participate by registration.
- Your support is needed by financial participation.

Then after registration please make a financial contribution there at the iduzone.
Please consider that without your financial support the project cannot be realized.
Financial Disclaimer: As long as the project is undercapitalized there is the risk that it may not succeed, consider any financial contribution as lost.
But please compare your tiny risk with the giant benefit it could cause for all of us people.

And it is urgent:
Soon there will be a hyperinflation at the USD, EUR, GBP and others (probably autumn 2019).
To prevent an economic disaster and that we people will loose everything, alternatives need to be established.
More about very high inflation and hyperinflation

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