Unconditional Universal Free Basic Income
For All Worldwide
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A free basic income to all people worldwide has the following benefits:

- Elimination of poverty, resulting in no more existential fears;
- Elimination of survival crimes, people are no longer forced into criminality, therfore there will be more security on the street and at home;
- Elimination of illnesses caused by poverty, which are even more disastrous when health care isn't affordable;
- Elimination of lowest wages, people aren't forced anymore to do any job for any wage;
- Elimination of over-populating, children aren't needed anymore for life insurance;
- Elimination of economic refugees, wherever you live you receive the same basic income;

If we want a secure world without poverty a free basic income is essential. And it is ver important that it is the same amount worldwide.

Who cannot pay it? The Governments.
Some governments do provide low social security payments, but are financed by a high tax burden or debt.
If a government was to provide a free basic income, it would have to be financed through the taxation, or get into more debts which would never be able to be repaid, resulting in bankruptcy or hyperinflation.
To reinterate this means that no government can afford to pay a sufficient free basic income long-term.
Based on the current financial, economic and social systems, a basic income is not possible, any attempt is urged to fail after a short time or will lead to bankruptcy in the long-term.

Debt money system for the benefit of the rich
The current financial and economic systems have beeen established by the wealthy, to only benefit the wealthy.
Which is why the rich stay rich, and the poor remain poor. It has never been in place to benefit the people.
The interest demand for economic growth, which consequently result in destroying our planet if we allow this system to remain in place.
The current systems in detail

We live in a financial dictatorship
About 2 percent of people own over 95 percent of the world's total capital.
We should stop it to empower and enforce a financial dictatorship which work towards the systematic enslavement of the people with no more democracy!

What do we need? The end of the growth! We can achieve this peaceful change through networking, and financial participation.
The best solution for this is to use alternative systems, which have been created and established by the people for the benefit of people.
If we were to do this the present exploitative enslaving system will become obsolete.
How? We need to establish a new system where debt and loans are no longer required, but are eliminated.

Crypto-currencies; Bitcoin:
Bitcoin, and those like it can be implemented by mining, which does require a lot of real resources, and self-enrichment by its founders is usual.
There are many snowball systems: meaning limited creation, and the rising demand to inflate the prices. Again and again, a bubble will form and burst one day!
And they are not linked to a tax system, governments may fight or prohibit them. Therefore, they are only a temporary alternative until a proper system is established.

However, right now it is possible to generate high incomes with these alternative currencies in a short time. Click here for more information!

They do prove that alternative money systems, which have been founded by the people are possible!

An Introduction of a real alternative currency system

Money should be created by a free weekly basic income payment to all people, an equal amount worldwide, with no debt money.

This is an important system, as this will mean wherever you live in the world, you will all be entitled to the same basic income, eliminating economic refugees.

Once this has been established it shall be sufficient to finance a basic living standard but the system has to be kept secure (Example: New creation of 5% of the money volume p.a. causes a 5% inflation rate p.a.).

The basic income currency just can be spend on the platform and later with the pay card where legally possible, it is not exchangeable to the banking system which means it is just a virtual currency.

Please help to make this possible:

You will need to participate by registration, and financial participation.
To support the project please register now and make a financial contribution.
Please consider without your financial support, the project cannot reach its full potential.

Thank you for reading all the information.

The first urgent need is that people register, registration is free, so please register!

You are not convinced? Please continue to inform yourself here: Very high inflation, hyperinflation | The current systems in detail

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